Silva’s first compact disc was produced in 2008, named “The Beginning”. In the same year Silva made clips on the song “Qone chem” and “Tnic Pakhel em”. The latter was a huge hit not only in Armenia but also among the representatives of the Armenian Diaspora all over the world. This song also became a “Hit of the year” during the Musical Competition “Tashir 2009”.
In 2009 Silva was shooting the music video on two songs “De Gna”, and “Poshmanel em”. In the same year, the singer was announced the “Best singer of the year” by the Armenian Musical Channel.
In 2010 she filmed clips just on 4 songs ”Sirelu”,”Khachik-Vachik”,”Siloyi Pare” and “Titiz es”, which received the prizes during various awards. In the same year, on the 16th of October, a 21 years old singer with her live band gave her first concert in the biggest Armenian concert hall “Hamalir” performing in front of 10,000 spectators, and then released her second compact disc called “Silva”. Then, in Los Angeles she became the “Best singer of the year” during “Armenian Music Award”.
In 2011, the singer gave a concert in Los Angeles “Pasadena Civik Auditorium”, that was held in the sold-out. This year, the singer had a lot of solo concerts in many countries, and because of this trip could make only one video clip on the song “Sasna Par”.
In 2012, a 23 years old singer made the video on the song “Ushacel em”. The song was loved by the audience, received many awards and became "The best love song" in Los Angeles on the radio "Armenian Pulse”. The song has more than 2.5 million views on You Tube. The next video music of Silva was a song about children “Mrutik”,. The song was loved by them and collected more than 1.5 million viewers.
In 2013 Silva introduced a new style collaborating with Amani Music Group(Two Guys and MIC) and shooting a video on English song “Don’t Apologize”. The song was written and recorded by them, and the video was filmed in Los Angeles. It was a big surprise for the audience.



2006 - BBC''The Next Big Thing''
2006 - ''Tarva Haytnutyun'' Azgayin Erajshtakan Mrcanakabaxshutyun
2006 - ''Lavaguyn erg''Gisher'' Voske Qnar
2006 - ''Lavaguyn Ergchuhi'' ''Krunk-2006''
2007 - ''Lavaguyn erg''I LIKE'' Voske Qnar
2009 - ''Lavaguyn Erg''''Tnic paxel em'' TASHIR-2009